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APA Referencing for a PhD Dissertation

Passing a doctoral dissertation is an important phase of getting the degree. If you won’t pass, then you won’t get the degree. It is an extensive writing process that requires hard work, time, and effort. It is the writing of doctoral research in which the student has conducted in three or four years. It mostly consists of more than 100 pages.

The dissertation comprises do an in-depth analysis of the topic and covers every aspect of it. The most important things are including the opinion of doctoral student about how he or she thinks about it.

Importance of Dissertation

A dissertation is important because this an opportunity and a challenge to contribute to the scientific community. This work proves that you have a grip on this topic and are up to date on it. It consists of several sections in which different aspects of the topic being discussed. The sections are introduction, literature, findings, methodology, and results. Reference and citations are also added in the thesis so that it proves you have provided data from credible sources.

Referencing style

References are added to support your arguments and provide evidence to your answers. There is a different style of reference that can be used. The requirement of using such references varies from universities and departments. In most cases, the APA format and reference style is used. There is two edition of APA exist the latest and older version, let see it one by one how to cite in this style:

APA latest edition – 7th

7th edition is the latest version of APA style and it is used widely in the case of thesis and dissertation. For citation, you can take the thesis or paper from 3 sources:

  • Unpublished prints are available in the library of the university.
  • Taking published paper or dissertation from any database
  • Published paper or thesis from any website.

The general structure of APA style is:

“Author’s last name. (year of publication). Title of paper or thesis [doctoral thesis or master thesis]. XXX”

According to the paper, if it is published and taken from a database, then add the name of the database in the XXX place. If it is taken from a university or any institute then write the name of the university. If it is taken from any website then the URL of it.

APA old edition – 6th

6th edition is the older version of it but can be used in some cases. The same writing of general format is allowed just as in the case of the 7th edition. But the addition is of location, country and city name in it.


“Author’s last name (year of publication). Title of paper. (name of degree published or unpublished). Name of university, city, location. Database’s name (Accession number)”

Thesis or dissertation is also divided in the category mentioned above. So, there is only a small different in their format. All you need is to add name of university and its location in the structure.

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